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Gone are the days when mercury fillings were the norm. Today, dental practices like Waupaca Dental Excellence use white fillings that blend in with teeth structure when restoring teeth. All of our restorative dentistry methods and procedures follow 21st century practices, creating an easier process all around. As a matter of fact, composite white fillings allow you to eat immediately after leaving our office.

•  Inlay restorations

•  Onlay restorations

•  Maintenance

•  Composite fillings

•  Crowns (caps)

•  Dentures and partial dentures

•  Fixed bridges

Give your teeth the attention they deserve every day!

•  Enhances your smile

•  Fills in unattractive spaces between teeth

•  Improves or correct an improper bite.

•  Prevents tooth loss

•  Relieves dental pain

•  Repairs damaged and decayed teeth

•  Replaces missing teeth

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Our restoration methods

The benefits of restoration

We can even replace those old dental fillings with new ones and improve your bite with our restoration methods. You will even be able to eat and chew normally again, which enhances your overall life. Sometimes we need to go a step further with implants. Read on to learn more about this dental procedure today.

Replacing old fillings with new technology

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