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Root canal therapy has been used by dentists for decades when the nerve of the tooth becomes infected. It is still one of the most effective ways of dealing with this problem, and if a root canal is not performed on time, the tooth will often need to be removed.

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•  Abscess on the gums

•  Tooth pain

•  Sensitivity to hot and cold

•  Swelling

•  Tenderness

Restoring health to an infected tooth!

When a root canal is performed, the infected nerves, decay, and bacteria are removed. The resulting space is then replaced by medicated dental materials that restore the tooth to normal functionality.

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Signs of infection

The root canal procedure

At Waupaca Dental Excellence, not only do we perform therapy on an infected tooth or teeth, we also help when you have problems with your jaw. Read on to learn more about TMJ therapy.

Therapy to take the pain away

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