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Jaw problems are quite common and most often caused by a disorder known as Temporal-Mandibular Joint, or TMJ. When a person suffers from TMJ, symptoms can range from clicking or popping of the jaw to slight pain during jaw movement, and even debilitating pain.

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•  Made from clear resin

•  Relaxes overused muscles

•  Adds comfort

•  Restores jaw functionality

•  Helps heal joints

Finding the right treatment plan

for you!

One of the most common ways to treat TMJ is with a TMJ splint. Although this method usually works, other methods are still an option and an individualized treatment plan should be discussed with Dr. Saunders at Waupaca Dental Excellence.

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About the TMJ splint

TMJ treatment

Once we have rid infection and helped you with jaw problems, we are also able to fixed decaying or damaged teeth with our restorative dentistry procedures.

Restoring your teeth to their original beauty

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